What is an esthetician?

All women like to feel beautiful.  Whether they decide to give themselves a home makeover or seek out the help of someone professional.  Becoming more and more popular in the world today is the work of an esthetician.  There are different types of estheticians that a person can work with to gain health and skin benefits.  There are estheticians that work in a spa setting and there are estheticians that work with plastic surgeons to help give a person the best skin and beauty benefits that a person can receive.

So what is an esthetician exactly?  An esthetician does not just offer skin care, but they also offer evaluations to clients of what would be the best thing for their skin.  They are trained to in not only massage techniques to help awaken the skin, but are also trained to use special tools and magnifying glasses to determine what is truly going on with your skin.  They can also give chemical peels which can help reduce the signs of aging by peeling away the dead skin and reducing the sign of small wrinkles and laugh lines.

An esthetician can also provide their clients information on how to properly care for their skin.  While there are some that use products on the market, there are others that use natural remedies to help heal the skin and keep your skin healthy.  I personally work with an esthetician who believes in using natural, home based remedies because in her opinion almost all of the products on the market for skin care contain a few too many abrasive ingredients to actually be healthy for your skin.  She has made a great difference in the way my skin looks and has also helped me fight off the adult acne that I developed when I was pregnant with my first son.

There are different types of estheticians out there and it is important to know the difference.  Estheticians can work in two different areas.  They can work primarily in the area of cosmetics or they can work in the medical field.  Here are the major differences:

Cosmetic Estheticians:

This type of esthetician works with clients to determine that right type of look for them.  They are primarily responsible for helping clients determine what type of makeup works for their skin to help avoid breakouts and other skin ailments that come along with using certain types of makeup.  They also can specialize in tinting of eyebrows and eye lashes and some are even qualified to tattoo eye liner and lip liner on their clients.  They also help clients determine what type of products are best for washing the skin and maintaining a healthy appearance.  Cosmetic estheticians are mainly found in salons and spas.

Medical Field Estheticians:

An esthetician who works in the medical field differs greatly from one that specializes in cosmetics.  Medical field estheticians work with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to give clients instructions on proper care of their skin before and after medical procedures.  They also will make referrals to clients to see specialists depending on what type of skin disorder or conditions they may have.  Estheticians typically work in a doctor’s office instead of a salon or spa which is very different from an esthetician that specializes in salon and spa work.

photo by: gaelx
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